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TO-92 – Wikipedia

Der TO-92 ist ein weit verbreiteter Typ eines Halbleiter-Gehäuses, das für Transistoren und kleinere integrierte Schaltungen (Temperatursensor, Spannungsreferenz) verwendet wird. Das Gehäuse besteht häufig aus Epoxidharz oder Kunststoff und bietet kompakte Abmessungen zu sehr geringen Kosten. Weblinks. Über TO-92 Gehäuse, von Dipl. Ing. Bernd Wiebus; Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 7. Mai 2

Über TO-92 Gehäuse (About TO-92 housings)

TO-92 oder TO-92 ähnlichem Gehäuse wahllos herausgegriffen und miteinander verglichen. Die Tabelle Transistoren und TO-92 Gehäusevarianten, Teil I und Teil II enthält eine Aufstellung der Transistoren und der betrachteten Parameter. Dabei zeigte sich, das diese Gehäuseform nur relativ vage beschrieben ist, eine Reihe von leicht bis stärker abweichenden Varianten existieren, die auch ...

ORIGINAL TO-92 TO92 round test socket / ceramic high ...

BEST QUALITY TO-92 TO92 round test socket / ceramic high temperature test socket/Transistor test socket. Price after discount : US $15.80 / piece. Tweet. Related posts: Write by Maya Down — Kamis, 06 Juni 2019 — Add Comment — Coupon, Discounts. RESPONSE TO "ORIGINAL TO-92 TO92 round test socket / ceramic high temperature test socket/Transistor test socket" Posting Komentar ← Posting ...

TO92, TO-92, TO 92, T092, T0-92, T0 92, TO92A, TO-92A, TO ...

TO92, TO-92, TO 92, T092, T0-92, T0 92, TO92A, TO-92A, TO 92A, TO92AB, TO-92AB, TO 92AB TopLine dummy package device for solder training, practice and machine evaluation. Contact Us: Tel: 1-800-776-9888 TO92: JEDEC TO-92 Package: TopLine Dummy Component : For training, practice and evaluation : Click for Outline Drawing. Quick Specs: Pin Count ...

TO-92 - Wikipedia

The TO-92 is a widely used style of semiconductor package mainly used for transistors. The case is often made of epoxy or plastic, and offers compact size at a very low cost. History and origin. The JEDEC TO-92 descriptor is derived from the original full name for the package: Transistor Outline Package, Case Style 92. The package is also known by the designations SOT54 and JEITA SC-43A. By ...

Transistor Case Package, TO-92 Transistor

TO92 Graphic of Transistor Case Package and Lead Identification, TO92 plastic package. Transistor Packages. TO-92 Package. Transistor Package; TO-92 Case style, Plastic Package. Transistor Outline Package. TO-92 Terminal identification The pinout is as shown to the right. Not all transistors use this pin out, see the pic of the transistor below. The United States uses this type or pin out ...

TO-92 Datasheet, PDF - Alldatasheet

TO-92 Datasheet, TO-92 PDF, TO-92 Data sheet, TO-92 manual, TO-92 pdf, TO-92, datenblatt, Electronics TO-92, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, data sheet ...

TO-92_Round_Transistor_Socket-TO-92 Round Transistor Socket

TO-92 Round Transistor Socket Item Description, Features, and Specifications: These are surplus TO-92 Round Transistor Sockets. Item Condition: Surplus, unused Item is sold "as is" Testing Done: No testing done You will Receive: (1) TO-92 Round Transistor Socket Item Weight: Item weight is approximately 0.0009 pounds.

TO-92 - Wikipedia

La sigla JEDEC "TO-92" deriva dal nome originale per il package, ossia Transistor Outline package, case style 92. Costruzione e orientamento. Il contenitore è fuso intorno al transistor in due parti: la parte frontale, o faccia, è piatta, e riporta il codice del transistor. La parte posteriore, o dorso, è semi-circolare. Guardando da vicino, si può notare la linea di giunzione in cui le ...

TO-92 Datasheet(PDF) - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

TO-92 (3 leads) Leaded Thru-hole Plastic Package, TO-92 datasheet, TO-92 circuit, TO-92 data sheet : ETC, alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors.

TO-92 - Farnell element14

TO-92 Description Symbol Test Condition 2N3904 Unit Collector-Emitter Voltage *V CEO I C = 10mA, I B = 0 >40 Collector-Base Voltage V CBO I C = 10µA, I E = 0 >60 V Emitter-Base Voltage V EBO I E = 10µA, I C = 0 >6 Collector-Cut off Current I CEX V CE = 30V, V EB = 3V <50 nA Base Current I BL DC Current Gain *h FE I C = 0.1mA, V CE = 1V I C = 1mA, V CE = 1V I C = 10mA, V CE = 1V I C = 50mA, V ...

TO-92 & TO-92 (Formed Leads) - Bourns, Inc.

TO-92 & TO-92 (Formed Leads) PACKAGE MECHANICAL INFORMATION Package Outline Dimension 3-Pin Plastic Cylindrical Flat-Index Header Through-Hole NOTE A: Lead dimensions are not controlled in this area. DIMENSIONS ARE :MILLIMETERS (INCHES) MD-TO92-001-a TO-226AA, JEDEC Publication 95 4.44 - 5.21 (0.175 - 0.205) 1 2 3 3.43 (0.135) MIN. 2.03 - 2.67 ...

LM317L 3-Terminal Adjustable Regulator

PARAMETER TEST CONDITIONS(1) MIN TYP MAX UNIT TJ = 25°C 0.01 0.02 Input voltage regulation(2) V I – VO = 5 V to 35 V %V IO = 2.5 mA to 100 mA 0.02 0.05 VO = 10 V, f = 120 Hz 65 Ripple regulation V dB O = 10 V, 66 80 10-μF capacitor between ADJUSTMENT and ground V VO ≤5 V 25 mV I = 5 V to 35 V, TJ = 25°C, IO = 2.5 mA to 100 mA, V O ≥5 V ...

TO-92-3 P-Channel MOSFET | Mouser Deutschland

TO-92-3 P-Channel MOSFET sind bei Mouser Electronics erhältlich. Mouser bietet Lagerbestände, Stückpreise und Datenblätter für TO-92-3 P-Channel MOSFET.

To 92 transistor socket | Products Available at Jameco ...

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TO-92 — Википедия

TO92 (Transistor Outline Package, Case Style 92) — распространённый тип корпуса для маломощных транзисторов и ...

TO-92 — Wikipédia

Le TO-92 est un boîtier de composant électronique. Il s'agit du boîtier le plus utilisé dans la construction de transistors discrets. L'encapsulation est réalisée principalement en epoxy ou en matière plastique, ce qui conduit à une taille compacte et à un coût très réduit. Les boîtiers TO-92 sont réservés aux composants de faible puissance. Pour des puissances supérieures, on ...

TO-92-3 N-Channel MOSFET – Mouser Deutschland

TO-92-3 N-Channel MOSFET sind bei Mouser Electronics erhältlich. Mouser bietet Lagerbestände, Stückpreise und Datenblätter für TO-92-3 N-Channel MOSFET.

TO-92-3 P-Channel 1 Channel MOSFET – Mouser

TO-92-3 P-Channel 1 Channel MOSFET are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for TO-92-3 P-Channel 1 Channel MOSFET.

UV-405-TO92 Bivar Inc, UV-405-TO92 Datasheet

Request Bivar Inc UV-405-TO92: METAL CAN ULTRAVIOLET LED 405NM online from Elcodis, view and download UV-405-TO92 pdf datasheet, LEDs - specifications.

Lm35 precision centigrade temperature sensors: Das sagen ...

DIYUKMALL 50pcs/Lot Precision Centigrade Temperature Sensors LM35 LM35DZ TO92 TO-92

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TO 92 PD - Central Semi

TO-92 Case Mechanical Drawing Packing Options Lead Code: Bulk: White corrugated box with static shielded bags Bulk Packing Quantity: 2,500 Tape and Reel / Ammo Pack: Radial taped in accordance with EIA-468-C Packing Quantity: 2,000 SCR* 1) Anode 1) Cathode 2) Gate 2) Gate 3) Cathode 3) Anode or PUT 1) Anode 2) Gate 3) Cathode * Note: See individual device datasheet for pinout information. Also ...

To92 Transistor Bewertungen – Online-Shopping und ...

Lesen Sie To92 Transistor Erfahrungsberichte und To92 Transistor Bewertungen – Kaufen Sie To92 Transistor mit Vertrauen auf AliExpress!


LM7805 TO92 DATASHEET PDF - Fairchild does not recommend operation outside datasheet specifications. Symbol Electrical Characteristics (LM). Refer to the test circuits. °C < TJ. An

TO92 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

TO92. Ir a la navegación Ir a la búsqueda. Cuatro vistas del encapsulado TO-92. Vista frontal del encapsulado TO-92. Vista trasera del encapsulado TO-92. El TO-92 es el encapsulado más utilizado en la construcción de transistores. El encapsulado está usualmente hecho de epoxy o plástico, y presenta un tamaño bien reducido y bajo costo. Historia y Origen. Las siglas del encapsulado ...

Ratiometrischer Sensor TO-92 bei Mercateo günstig kaufen

Honeywell: Ratiometrischer Sensor TO-92 (SS495A) in 'IC Sensor' > 'Hall-Sensoren': Preiswerte online Angebote für Ratiometrischer Sensor TO-92 direkt bestellen bei Mercateo, der Beschaffungsplattform für Geschäftskunden.

Search results for: TO92 – Mouser

TO92 are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for TO92.

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